From Payal's Desk

Since I was a child, I always felt that I am a writer reincarnated, owing to my passion for writing. I thrived on books and literally grew reading Enid Blyton and Carolyne Keene mysteries. As a teenager I switched to Ruskin Bond, who stillremains my superstar. It is he who inspired me to write, through his books. Like every other good student, I pursued higher studies for better career prospects (yes, that ubiquitous MBA). Thereon began the rigmarole of my corporate work life. I dabbled into writing as and when time permitted. After a tiring yet fruitful 6 year stint in the Communications' Industry, I toyed with the idea of venturing on my own to combine my professional skills and my passion for writing. And thus was founded The Word Jockey Content Studio, which took my writing to a different level altogether.

This also gave me an opportunity to pursue my littleto pursue my little dream -that of writing a book and getting it published. However, as I started out, the book evolved from being a dream, to being a mission -a mission to create value in society and give back something to the world even if it were just a few pages of inspiration. Thanks to the support of my best friend and husband Rahul Karwa, I set out on the mission of penning this difficult story. Thus was born The Bad Touch, my first published book to create awareness about one of the worst issues the world is facing -that of Child Sex Abuse. Inspired by the true story of Harish Iyer, a thriver of CSA, the book was written to celebrate the victory of him and other thrivers.