The Bad Touch is a collection of true stories of Child Sex Abuse thrivers like Harish Iyer, Anurag Kashyap, Amrita and others, how they turned from victim to being a victor. This is the first book in India to explore child sexual abuse in males as well. The book is on a mission to rid society of its ignorance about the rampant issue of Child Sex Abuse by creating awareness amongst parents or guardians of children and equip them with sufficient information to fight it out. The other objective is to inspire other thrivers with these stories. The book has detailed information about CSA and its various aspects which are explained through the stories. It has resources, statistics, experiences of the thrivers' families, and their own narratives as to how they tried to or are coping with the trauma to lead a fulfilling life despite the ordeal.

The Bad Touch was originally inspired by Harish Iyer's story and the manuscript was long completed before he shared it on Satyamev Jayate (Season 1 in 2012 hosted by celebrated actor Aamir Khan). But let's get this clear - The Bad Touch is not a saga of lamenting victims / survivors of Child Sex Abuse. It is a book about the victories of these thrivers like Harish, Anurag Kashyap, Amrita and others who found some resolution or vent to their trauma. Every story does not necessarily have a happy ending, but a positive one for sure. Neither this is a self-help book to motivate or pity the victims, but it's simply an attempt to share their inspiring stories. Some books are meant to be read. This one is meant to be shared.

Keep sharing.

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